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5 Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers on International Women's Day

As International Women's Day approaches on 8th March, it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate and honour the incredible women in your life. What better way to express your admiration, love, and appreciation than with a stunning bouquet of flowers? At Flowers by Phyllis, we believe in the power of flowers to convey heartfelt sentiments. Here are five compelling reasons why you should send flowers this International Women's Day.

Christmas Table Centerpiece

1. Show Appreciation for Strength and Resilience

Women play multifaceted roles in our lives – as mothers, wives, daughters, friends, colleagues, and mentors. Sending flowers is a meaningful way to acknowledge and appreciate the strength, resilience, and unwavering support that they provide every day. Whether it's your mum who has been a pillar of strength, your wife who juggles countless responsibilities effortlessly, or your daughter who inspires you with her determination, a beautiful bouquet is a tangible expression of gratitude for their invaluable presence in your life.


2. Express Gratitude to Colleagues and Employees

In the workplace, women contribute their talent, creativity, and expertise in diverse fields. This International Women's Day, take the opportunity to recognise and thank your female colleagues and employees for their dedication and hard work. A thoughtful gesture like sending flowers not only brightens their day but also fosters a culture of appreciation and inclusivity in the workplace.


3. Celebrate Achievements and Milestones

International Women's Day is not only a day to recognise the challenges women face but also to celebrate their achievements and milestones. Whether it's a promotion, graduation, or any significant accomplishment, flowers symbolise joy, success, and admiration. Surprise the women in your life with a bouquet of flowers that reflects their unique personality and accomplishments, and let them know that you're proud of their achievements.


4. Spread Love and Positivity

In a world where negativity often prevails, a simple act of kindness can make a profound difference. Sending flowers on International Women's Day is a beautiful way to spread love, positivity, and happiness. Whether you're expressing affection to a romantic partner, strengthening bonds with family members, or brightening the day of a friend, flowers have a universal language of love that transcends words.


5. Brighten Someone's Day

Sometimes, the best reason to send flowers is simply to brighten someone's day and bring a smile to their face. Whether it's a friend going through a challenging time, a relative feeling under the weather, or a neighbour who could use some cheer, a vibrant flower gift has the power to uplift spirits and convey your warmth and kindness.

How to Order

We understand the importance of convenience, especially when it comes to expressing your emotions. That's why Flowers by Phyllis offers a seamless online shopping experience. Whether you're browsing from the comfort of your home or visiting our flower shop in St Paul's Bay, you can explore our exclusive Women's Day collection. You can also get in touch via email ( if you require a personalised quote for flowers, tailored to your specific preferences and budget.

Our carefully curated bouquets and flower gifts may include a variety of exquisite flowers such as roses, solidago, carnations, gerberas, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, and many more. Each bloom is meticulously selected for its freshness, beauty, and symbolic significance, ensuring that your gift resonates with heartfelt sentiment.

Place your order with just a few clicks online or in-person at our St Paul's Bay flower shop, and leave the rest to us. We provide reliable delivery services throughout Malta and Gozo, ensuring your heartfelt gift reaches its destination in pristine condition.

Order Early, Avoid Disappointment

Women's Day is a time of high demand, and we want to make sure your thoughtful gesture unfolds flawlessly. We encourage you to place your orders early to secure your preferred choice from our collection. By doing so, you not only avoid the last-minute rush but also guarantee a timely and enchanting delivery for your loved one.


This International Women's Day, let Flowers by Phyllis help you celebrate the remarkable women in your life with our exquisite floral arrangements. Place your order today and make this occasion truly unforgettable!


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